Middle Wooden Hamster Cage


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The clear acrylic panels will keep your hamsters (or other furry friends) securely confined inside while enjoying the unobstructed outside world. Plus, the spacious floor will provide plenty of room for your little ones to chase, scream or map, keeping them active and worry-free.
Customize Unique Cage: This spacious hamster cage allows you to organize your hamster’s hiding place, sand bath area and hamster wheel, or explore scenes as you like and realize a unique kingdom for your friends.
Safe and Durable Material: Made of premium pine wood, this hamster habitat forms a sturdy and durable structure and will not damage hamsters claws. Meanwhile, the clear acrylic panels will give your friends a wider view.
Excellent Ventilation: The holes on the side and the back panel provide good ventilation, which can bring more fresh air and ensure your small pets have a clean and odorless living environment.
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