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When to use a dog crate? If your dog needs a place to rest and relax. If your dog has a tendency to destroy your home when you are away. I. Why choose this wooden dog crate? Made of particle board and steel, it is strong and durable. Featuring a rustic brown finish and distressed pattern, it will enhance your room. also works as a side table next to your sofa, window or bed; 2 lockable doors (front door and side door) allow easy entry and exit; the floor tray can be removed easily for easy cleaning; Padded feet prevent it from damaging the floor; 2 sizes, ideal for dogs like Border Collie, Bulldog, Husky, Australian Shepherd and more.
Comes with a detailed assembly manual, which makes assembly easy.
Shorten the distance between bottom gaps, so no more stuck feet and more harm to your pet.
A nice piece of furniture for you too


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