Cat seat with window


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Create a comfortable and exclusive position near the window for your cat to sunbathe, sit in a daze, nap, or observe the outside world with this Cat Window Perch. Its high-quality materials, thoughtful design and careful construction contribute to structural stability, allowing your cat to stretch out comfortably on the soft and warm cushion. They will really appreciate their new favorite little spot by the window.
Easy assembly with detailed user manual.
Cats can play and rest on the perch.
Suitable for living room, bedroom or balcony.
provides comfort and warmth to pets.
The wooden supports can be moved to an appropriate distance.
The multi-layered panel ensures the durability of the cat hammock.
2 different assembly methods meet your needs.
Iron brackets and black rotary knobs add stability.
The removable  allows you to clean it easily and keep cats hygiene.


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